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Definition of DE&I

Our company should reflect our community - the types of clients we serve, our business partners, and the companies we invest in. We regularly work with people of many different identities, including age, gender, race, ethnicity, First Nations and Indigenous groups, class, sexuality, disability, religion, and educational background. Our team’s diversity informs the variety of perspectives and problem-solving techniques that we leverage at our firm.

While diversity distinguishes groups and lived experiences, inclusion is taking action to create an equitable environment for everyone. We continue to work to create and support a collaborative and respectful culture at our firm. For that to work, each person at FGP needs to be valued, respected, and involved – from having inclusive recruitment and ongoing staff training to implementing inclusive internal policies.

At FGP, DE&I means investing in the future of our employees, clients, portfolio companies, and firm, creating space for new ways of thinking that lead to innovation. It creates a welcoming and supportive office culture and it is critical to our future and our mission - meeting the evolving needs of our diverse clientele and creating opportunities for advancement from generation to generation.

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