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Our Funds

FGP’s suite of pooled funds offers a broad range of investment options, ranging from short term money market securities to developing markets equities.  All of our pooled funds are managed in-house by our experienced investment teams using our fundamental, value-style approach to investing.

Our “Private” series of pooled funds are oriented to taxable individuals and organizations, and their objective is to optimize after-tax returns.

  • FGP Balanced Fund
  • FGP Canadian Equity Fund
  • FGP Global Equity Fund
  • FGP Money Market Fund
  • FGP Private Balanced Fund
  • FGP Short Term Bond Fund
  • FGP Private Global Equity Fund
  • FGP Canadian ex-Energy Equity Fund
  • FGP Private Canadian Equity Fund
  • FGP U.S. Equity Fund
  • FGP Canadian Equity Dividend Fund
  • FGP Private U.S. Equity Fund
  • FGP Universe Bond Fund
  • FGP Long Term Bond Fund
  • FGP Small Cap Canadian Equity Fund
  • FGP Core Plus Bond Fund
  • FGP International Equity Fund
  • FGP Corporate Bond Fund
  • FGP Corporate Plus Bond Fund
  • FGP Income Fund
  • FGP Global Smaller Companies Fund
  • FGP Preferred Share Fund
  • FGP Mortgage Fund

Funds Classes

Class N

All FGP pooled funds are available as “Class N” funds. This class of Funds is available to our clients and prospective clients. Returns are calculated gross of investment management fees.

Class F

This class of Funds is made available for distribution through a prospectus exemption (specifically the Accredited Investor prospectus exemption). Returns are calculated net of investment management fees.

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