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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at FGP

We look for diversity in everything that we do. From the equities we buy to the bonds we invest in, these diverse investments help us meet and achieve our clients’ goals and objectives.

We also look for diversity of thought among our portfolio managers, analysts, and entire organization. This array of viewpoints results in multiple new investment ideas being brought for discussion, and possible investment and creative solutions for our clients.

Diversity also means investing in the future of FGP’s employees, clients, and portfolio companies, and creating space for new ways of thinking that lead to innovation. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) creates a welcoming and supportive office culture and is critical to the firm’s future and mission - meeting the evolving needs of our diverse clientele and creating opportunities for advancement from generation to generation. We want to share our DE&I journey’s successes with our clients to help create a better, more inclusive world.


The FGP DE&I Committee

The FGP DE&I Committee was launched in 2020 with members representing a wide cross-section of the firm: those younger and those with many years of experience, recent arrivals and those long tenured, and investment professionals, servicing staff, and operations personnel. Committee members include women and men, racialized and non-racialized people, and employees from all non-executive rungs of the corporate ladder. The Committee meets monthly to discuss all matters related to DE&I at the firm, assessing employee feedback, and implementing initiatives to enhance our DE&I culture at FGP.


The Journey

FGP’s Ongoing DE&I Activities

The FGP Executive Committee conducts a full in-depth salary review of all staff on an annual basis and gender equality plays a role in the Executive Committee’s ongoing salary review process. In addition, FGP participates in AMG’s Affiliate Compensation & Benefits Survey. Findings and best practices from the survey are shared by AMG and reviewed by the Executive Committee to help inform the DE&I Committee. (AMG is FGP’s majority owner. AMG also holds equity interests in over 30 other investment management firms referred to as affiliates.)

We track the gender and racialized composition of our workforce. The Executive Committee regularly reviews the latest employee statistics regarding the number of women and racialized people who work for FGP. Our recruitment process attempts to ensure that our candidate identification process considers all individuals without bias.

Members of our DE&I Committee participate in conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops related to DE&I issues. These events have been hosted by Chestnut Advisory Group, PMAC, the CFA Institute, Amia Leadership, Mercer, Crescent School, Affiliated Managers Group, and the Responsible Investment Association.


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