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GFD - Foyston Care & Maintenance Income Fund

About Foyston
Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc. (Foyston) is an investment management firm based in Toronto and has about 50 employees. We have been in business since 1980 and have hundreds of clients across the country, including major Canadian corporations, pension funds, and foundations. Foyston has managed care and maintenance assets for many years, so we understand your need to generate stable income.

Across all mandates, Foyston’s focus is on prudently growing our clients’ assets, with a particular focus on capital preservation.

Foyston has a strong track record managing Canadian and global stocks (equities) as well as bonds and mortgage securities. Our experienced and accomplished portfolio managers and analysts invest across the following platforms:

  • Canadian equities
  • Bonds and mortgage securities
  • Global equities

Foyston draws on these capabilities to build a diversified investment solution to meet your needs.


About the GFD Fund
Foyston is pleased to offer you an investment program designed specifically to help you generate a high and stable level of income while prudently growing your capital to enable you to continue to care for your cemetery for generations to come.

The GFD - Foyston Care & Maintenance Income Fund (the "GFD Fund") was designed specifically for you to invest the money you have set aside to care for your cemetery.

The GFD Fund has three primary investment objectives: 

  • to ensure long-term capital preservation
  • to minimize volatility
  • to generate income to enable your cemetery to meet its long-term spending needs


Inside the GFD Fund
To achieve its objectives (income stability, capital preservation, and limiting volatility), the GFD Fund will invest in a diversified mix of bonds, common shares, mortgage securities, and preferred shares. Each of these asset classes will be actively managed by the Foyston investment teams, who will adjust the portfolio over time to reflect the changing investment landscape.

Income generated in the GFD Fund will be transferred to a separate income account on a monthly basis and paid to you at the end of each quarter. Temporary income account balances will be directed to the FGP Money Market Fund, which invests very conservatively in short-term government and corporate bonds with terms of one year or less.



GFD Fund update
The GFD Fund's latest unit value: $9.707 on April 30, 2024.

Unit values are calculated once a month, on the last business day of each month.

The current portfolio yield is approximately 5.67%. The yield is the best predictor of the income level payable from the GFD Fund over the next 12 months, less fees.


For more information, see our Questions and Answers or dial toll-free 1-844-FOYSTON (that's 1-844-369-7866), and ask for extension 1990. You can also send an email to CandMInfo@foyston.com.


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