Appointment: Andy Thi

Bryan Pilsworth, President & Portfolio Manager of Foyston Gordon & Payne Inc. (FGP), is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Thi as Credit Analyst – Fixed Income. Andy will further enhance the capabilities of our credit team, led by Ryan Domsy.

Andy’s career began in 2012 at DBRS where he specialized in the analysis of energy companies. Our credit team leverages its strong analytical background and in-depth knowledge of the rating process and covenant review, developed through rating agency experience, to provide insightful analysis and evaluation of more complex credit structures.

FGP began managing its first pooled bond fund over 20 years ago. The bond market has evolved considerably over time, particularly with the increased proportion and importance of corporate bonds in the Canadian marketplace. The addition of Andy to FGP’s team is part of our longer-term strategy to enhance the capacity and scope of FGP’s credit expertise in order to support the continued growth of our fixed income capabilities.

Over the past year, we have launched a number of new fixed income strategies, which leverage the capabilities of our credit analysis team, including:

  • The FGP Universe Bond Fund
  • FGP Core Plus+

Our fixed income strategy draws upon two key disciplines:

  • Credit rating agency experience to facilitate deeper analysis of credit issues 
  • Insurance company experience to facilitate objective-oriented investment strategies

FGP was founded in 1980 and manages the assets of private and institutional clients. We look for quality and value in Canadian equities, foreign equities, and Canadian bonds. Our strategy remains consistent through market ups and downs, as does the long term value we strive to deliver to our clients.


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