Ryan Domsy becomes Head of Fixed Income

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Domsy has been promoted to Head of FGP’s Fixed Income Team. Ryan joined FGP in 2010 as Credit Analyst and was Co-Head of the Fixed Income Team with Robert Head since 2020.

“Ryan and Rob have successfully co-managed our fixed income team for the past couple of years, ensuring a smooth transition to Ryan to lead the team going forward,” said Bryan Pilsworth, President & CEO, Portfolio Manager – Canadian Equities. “The team has continued to generate solid fixed income returns through a well-defined research process. As a result of their efforts, they have grown the fixed income franchise and expanded our client base.”

Through our rigorous credit process that leverages our strong fundamental analysis capabilities, we build portfolios of what we believe to be undervalued securities issued by high-quality companies.

Ryan continues as the lead portfolio manager for our credit strategies, including the FGP Core Plus Bond Fund, the FGP Mortgage Fund, and the award-winning FGP Corporate Plus Bond Fund. He is also a member of FGP’s Investment Committee and the FGP Executive Committee.

Ryan’s promotion is just one more example of FGP’s tradition of seamlessly transitioning from one generation of portfolio managers to the next. Robert Head, who led the Fixed Income Team from 2005 to 2020, will continue managing FGP’s long-term asset allocation as Portfolio Manager and Chair of the Investment and Asset Allocation Committees. Rob also continues to have portfolio management responsibilities for our balanced mandates and the FGP Solutions platform, which offers corporate, pension, foundation, endowment, and not-for-profit clients with the services necessary to manage their investment portfolios in a prudent and efficient manner.

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