Brooke biscoe

Appointment: Brooke Biscoe

Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc is expanding again. We are pleased to announce the hiring of Brooke Biscoe as Credit Analyst on our Fixed Income team. Brooke has three years of experience at rating agency Standard & Poor’s and three years in private debt experience at Next Edge Capital Corp. You can see his full biography here.

This new addition forms part of our strategy to expand our capabilities into other areas of the fixed income market. But that’s not the only asset class we’re focused on. In March, we announced a new hire (John Di Re) and an internal promotion (Andrew Aucoin) on our Global Equity team.

At FGP, we strive to provide high-quality portfolios that will deliver strong and consistent long-term risk-adjusted returns for our clients. These enhancements to our Fixed Income and Global Equity teams are one more step towards achieving these goals.

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